Friday, 20 January 2012

Interview on BBC Radio Shetland

Interviewed be Mary Blance on the Shetland late programme on 19 Jan 2012.

Whit some listeners seems tae hae tane oot o the interview is that ma 'Shetlan' (as spoke be the Neanderthals) is nae Shetlan at aa, an there some WTF at the Scots Language Centre page on Facebook. As Ah say there in ma ain defence, it stertit aff as auld-farrant Scots an Ah felt that it wis stertin tae soun lik Shetlan - that's whit Ah wis hearin (as best an ootsider can). 

Ah didnae wint tae mak it ower deeficult tae read, though, so I didnae yaise 'd/t' for 'th'. Leuks lik that's THE big shibboleth for the locals - miss that oot an it turns intae Orkney.

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