Sunday, 23 October 2011

First reader reviews

It's been a busy wee while, sendin oot review copies an copies tae freins. Feedback is comin in, an Ah'm chuffed tae bits.

Chris Robinson on Lulu says, “Whitna braw read! A richt page-turner but thochtie tae. Guid tae hae anither heich-quality novel in sic fine Scots.”

Sheena Blackhall (personal communication) says, “The linguistics are very skilfully handled. This book has been published in both English and Scots. I read it in Scots and found the Scots easy to ready with no need for a glossary. ... It makes use of  myths and archetytpes and is a stunning insight into the human condition, and the interwoven lives of the protagonists, leading to a very surprising conclusion. Altogether, it makes compulsive reading.”

Stephen Hamilton on Facebook says, “Thank you for writing a book that is original, engrossing and lyrical. Folks, get it in Scots or in English, but get it if you have any interest in future fiction!”

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Virtually launched

Braken Fences an Broken Fences are baith available noo fae
If ye enjoy the beuk, ony halp wi publeecity wad be really valuable an gritly appreciatit.

Whit ye can dae:

Rate the beuk at lulu
(search be title).
In a couple months it'll be on Amazon an aa (rate/review).

Screive a review. 
Some o ye will can review for leeterary or linguistic magazines or journals. Forbye, onybody can post their ain reviews at thir reader review sites:

Some sites (includin lulu) mak ye register tae yaise thaim, but it juist taks a meenit.

Facebook likes, Google pluses, links tae the blog – mony a pickle maks a muckle.
Nou hark, sirris, there is nae mair adae,
wha list attend, gies audience, and draw near. (Gavin Douglas)

Sunday, 9 October 2011


This is hoo Ah imagine Beatrice - Nutan is ane o the bonniest actresses ever.

A reader's impression o Raggle

William Twycross sens me his impression o Raggle. Raggle's got his hair cut short here (bein a practical Auld bastart). Ah imagine Raggle smilin an lauchin a lot, bit William has noticed that he has a gey serious side an aa, an is a dangerous man whan riled.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Braken Fences proof copy preview

This is the hale novel Braken Fences in yin .pdf file for onybody that wad like tae read it. Facebook likes, comments, an links fae ither blogs maist walcome.

Bit o a re-think on price (an mony thanks tae freins that've advised me on this). Leuks like Ah need tae alloo a trade merk-up tae get the beuk on Details later.

Mair details, an info aboot e-book version, whan Ah've seen the final proofs an released the novel intae the wild.

Onybody willin tae screive an online review? Hae that in mind while ye're readin - Ah'll pit up a list o some reader review sites later on.