Sunday, 23 October 2011

First reader reviews

It's been a busy wee while, sendin oot review copies an copies tae freins. Feedback is comin in, an Ah'm chuffed tae bits.

Chris Robinson on Lulu says, “Whitna braw read! A richt page-turner but thochtie tae. Guid tae hae anither heich-quality novel in sic fine Scots.”

Sheena Blackhall (personal communication) says, “The linguistics are very skilfully handled. This book has been published in both English and Scots. I read it in Scots and found the Scots easy to ready with no need for a glossary. ... It makes use of  myths and archetytpes and is a stunning insight into the human condition, and the interwoven lives of the protagonists, leading to a very surprising conclusion. Altogether, it makes compulsive reading.”

Stephen Hamilton on Facebook says, “Thank you for writing a book that is original, engrossing and lyrical. Folks, get it in Scots or in English, but get it if you have any interest in future fiction!”

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