Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Virtually launched

Braken Fences an Broken Fences are baith available noo fae
If ye enjoy the beuk, ony halp wi publeecity wad be really valuable an gritly appreciatit.

Whit ye can dae:

Rate the beuk at lulu
(search be title).
In a couple months it'll be on Amazon an aa (rate/review).

Screive a review. 
Some o ye will can review for leeterary or linguistic magazines or journals. Forbye, onybody can post their ain reviews at thir reader review sites:

Some sites (includin lulu) mak ye register tae yaise thaim, but it juist taks a meenit.

Facebook likes, Google pluses, links tae the blog – mony a pickle maks a muckle.
Nou hark, sirris, there is nae mair adae,
wha list attend, gies audience, and draw near. (Gavin Douglas)

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