Saturday, 4 August 2012

The advance o radical Islam

I set the novel in Xinjiang because it's a place wi a moderate brand o Islam, but currently bein infiltratit by radicals, sae (in the future settin) there's aye a possibeelity o findin a basis o common humanity, at the same time as there's a totalitarian society that's aamaist unbearable for weemen wi some smeddum. Cud hae walit Tatarstan, it seems (gin Ah'd heard o't ...) New York Times report o killin o moderate Muslim clerics by Islamic radicals in Tatarstan
Here's a story fae 2009 aboot Pakistan - a lang wey further doon the ilk road. Pervez Hoodbhoy in Newsline Magazine.
Thanks tae Tarek Fatah for baith thir links.

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