Monday, 30 November 2015

Verra kind wirds fae Diane Anderson on the Scots Language Forum Facebook page:

"Jist finished readin it. Fit a braw buik! Aa the narration is in bonny, readable Scots. The fowk spikk Inglis an Chinese, bit aat's scrievit inno Scots an aa. Jist the Inglis spikkin is nae in Scots. Pooerfu stuff an aa, wi muckle tae say aboot the waarld ayenoo: lik aa guid science fiction. Is there mair? ... Best beukie A'v read iss lang file."

This was efter Caroline Mackie postit:

"A wee reminder of a GREAT read... Braken Fences by 'Wolf Kurtoglu ... I couldn't put it down it got so good. I read the Scots version but it's available in English too. I couldn't even begin to describe the story... VERY different."

Mony thanks tae baith.

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